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Dental implants are artificial structures that replace missing teeth. Learn more about the different types and implantation procedures, such as single implants, multiple implants, removeable, fixed, all-on-4, mini dental implants and more.

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* First implant only. Bone graft and CT scan not included.

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At Smile Design Santa Clarita, our entire team works together to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive care that will transform their smiles and quality of life. With multiple specialists under one roof, it enables quicker diagnoses and more efficient treatments for you and your entire family. To help alleviate symptoms related to your gums, our team periodontist can perform a number of procedures including gum disease or gingivitis treatments. For deeper issues related to the tooth pulp, our trained endodontist will outline a root canal treatment plan that accomplishes the best results. Finally, our experienced oral surgeon is available for tooth extractions and dental surgery to help remove problematic teeth. In addition, we also offer more general treatments such as tooth crowns, cavity fillings, dental cleaning, and more. We look forward to seeing you and your smile.


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Learn About Dental Implants

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What are dental implants?

By the term “dental implants” we refer to the metallic frames or posts which are positioned into the jawbone surgically just below the gums. Once they are in the proper position, they will enable the dental practitioner to mount replacement teeth onto them.

How dental implants function?

Dental implants are going to fuse to the jawbone and thus they are going to offer stable support for the artificial teeth. The bridges or dentures mounted to the implants are not going to shift or slip within the mouth, a particularly important advantage when it comes to speaking and eating. This kind of secure feet allows the bridges and dentures – along with the individual crowns which have been positioned over the implants – to feel more natural as compared to conventional dentures or bridges.

The ordinary dentures and bridges are not comfortable for some individuals because of poor gagging or ridges and sore spots. Apart from this, ordinary bridges ought to be fastened to the teeth on both sides of the space which has been left by any missing tooth. A benefit of dental implants is that it is not imperative to prepare any adjacent teeth for holding the new replacement tooth or teeth in the proper position.

One needs to have healthy gums as well as an adequate bone for supporting the implant so as to receive the implants. One must also commit himself to maintain the health of these structures. Regular visits to the dental clinic, as well as careful oral hygiene, are essential for the overall success of the implants.

Dental implants are typically more costly as compared to the other tooth-replacement methods, and the majority of the insurance carriers usually over under 10% of the total fees.

At present, 2 types of dental implants are considered to be safe. These are as follows:

  1. Endosteal implants:

These are implanted surgically into the jawbone directly. A second surgery will be required for connecting a post to the original dental implant after the adjoining gum tissue has been healed. Lastly, an artificial tooth or teeth will be fastened to the post separately, or grouped on a denture or bridge.

  1. Subperiosteal implants:

These types of dental implants consist of a metallic frame which is attached to the jawbone beneath the gum tissue. While the gums become healed, the frame gets fixed to the jawbone. The posts that are attached to the frame will be protruding through the gums. Just like the previously mentioned endosteal implants, the artificial teeth will be mounted to the posts after that.

Next, we will talk about the different benefits provided by dental implants at present. Dental implants are going to provide benefits that cannot be obtained from other types of tooth replacement options, for example, bridges or dentures. Here are the top benefits of the dental implants right now:

  1. Prevents the loss of bones

While losing teeth, you likewise are susceptible to losing bone mass in the jaw. The jawbone requires stimulation which it gets once your teeth connect for maintaining its mass. Implants happen to be the only a placement option for the tooth which likewise replaces that stimulation of the jawbone thus helping to prevent any bone loss.

  1. Matches the natural teeth

Dental implants are available in different types of shapes as well as sizes. Your dental practitioner is going to work with you for designing dental implants that match the color of the adjoining teeth and feet flawlessly within the gap. Nobody except you and your dental practitioner will be able to understand which teeth happen to be the implants.

  1. Reinstates bite force

Since implants are going to be anchored into the jaw with the help of a titanium post which swaps the tooth root, they enable you to bite with almost the identical amount of force that you would have used with the natural teeth. On the other hand, other replacement options for the tooth don’t restore nearly as much of the bite force since they are positioned on top of the gums and are not anchored in a particular position.

  1. Enables natural speech

Similar to dentures, several tooth replacement options will be able to impact your capability of pronouncing words properly. Missing teeth can likewise modify your speech to a great extent. Since implants feel and also function similar to the natural teeth, they will allow you to speak naturally and easily without any problem whatsoever.

  1. Prevents any change in the shape of the face

Your facial structure will be supported by your teeth. While losing teeth, you will lose that particular support that might eventually cause your face to modify its shape. In this way, you might appear to look older. Dental implants are going to provide identical support for the face just like the natural teeth out there and thus will prevent any change in the shape of the face in the long run.

  1. Simple to maintain

While using dental implants, you will not be required to purchase any special products for cleaning them or caring for them. There will be no requirement for any cleansing tablet, cup, special flosser, or adhesive. You simply need to brush and floss in a similar manner you would’ve done with natural teeth.

  1. Will not get cavities

It is important for the artificial teeth to be maintained for preventing any bacteria from accumulating within your mouth and leading to infections. But the materials from which the implants have been made cannot decompose. There is no need for you to worry regarding getting any cavity within the implants whatsoever!

  1. No awkward slippage

Individuals using dentures might feel self-conscious while laughing, speaking, or eating in any public place since it is possible for dentures to shift or slip easily within your mouth. On the contrary, implants will be anchored in position firmly and will not embarrass you by any means.

  1. A permanent solution to the loss of tooth

Although it will be imperative to replace or repair other tooth replacement options periodically, implants are designed for lasting for the remaining part of your life.

  1. Supports the adjacent teeth

A missing tooth can cause a gap in the mouth which can lead to the teeth on both sides of the gap to change positions thus resulting in misalignment. However, dental implants are going to feel that gap enabling you to maintain a straight and uniforms smile.

Who is a good candidate to get implants?

The appropriate candidate for getting dental implants will be having good oral health. It is imperative to have adequate bone within the jaw for supporting the implant, and the ideal candidates have healthy gum tissues that do not have any kind of periodontal ailment.

Implants are connected with the gum tissues intimately which are below the bone in the mouth. Periodontists are actually dental experts that specialize in these areas in particular and therefore they happen to be the appropriate members of the dental implant team. Apart from having adequate experience in working with other dentists, they are also endowed with special knowledge, facilities, and training in this particular department. The periodontist, as well as the Santa Clarita dentist, are going to work cohesively for making your aspirations come true.

What exactly is a dental implant procedure like?

The dental implant procedure happens to be a team effort between a periodontist and a dentist in Santa Clarita. Without them are going to consult with you for figuring out where and how to place the implant. The periodontist will be creating a treatment plan which is customized for satisfying your requirements depending on your particular condition and the sort of implant chosen.

  • Replacing one tooth – In case you are missing just one tooth, it can be replaced by one implant and one crown.
  • Replacing multiple teeth – In case you are missing more than one tooth or all of the teeth, a full denture or a full bridge supported by the implant can replace them.
  • Sinus augmentation – The quality, as well as the quantity of the bone where the implant will be placed, is important when it comes to implant success. The upper back jaw is usually amongst the most difficult regions to place dental implants successfully because of inadequate bone quality and quantity as well as the closeness to the sinus. A sinus augmentation will assist in correcting this issue by elevating the floor of the sinus and developing bone for the proper placement of the implants.
  • Ridge modification – Any deformity in the lower or upper jaw might leave you with improper bone in which to position dental implants. The gum is going to be lifted away from the ridge for collecting this problem which will result in the exposure of the bony deformity. The defect will be filled with bone or any bone substitute for building up the ridge. Ridge modification will help to enhance the appearance to a great extent and also increase the possibilities for successful dental implants which are going to last for quite some time.

What can be expected after receiving dental implants?

Dental implants are similar to your own teeth and they require the similar type of care. You need to brush and floss the implants on a regular basis so as to prevent it from being affected with plaque.

Following the treatment, the periodontist is going to work with you closely along with your dentist for developing the most effective care plan. You also need to visit the dental clinic periodically for monitoring the implant, teeth, as well as the gums, for making certain that they are healthy.